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What does giving someone power of attorney mean?

Putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney online can give you peace of mind that someone you trust is in charge of your affairs.

If you’re aged 18 or older and have the mental ability to make financial, property and medical decisions for yourself, you can arrange for someone else to make these decisions for you in the future. This legal authority is called “lasting power of attorney”.

The person who is given power of attorney is known as the “attorney” and must be over 18 years old. You are known as the “donor”.

Lasting Power of Attorney online

Why do I need a Power of Attorney.

Without one, your loved ones would have no access to your assets or the permission to manage your finances should you become seriously ill or pass away.

Decisions about your care, including end of life, are taken away from your loved ones

Unwanted pressure and stress at already challenging times

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How long is an LPA valid for?

LPAs expire when the donor passes away. The logic in having an LPA is so that decisions can be made when someone isn’t able to do so for themselves. Once they die, those decision making powers would cease.

What if I don’t have an LPA?

Without a Power of Attorney in place, your loved ones may not be able to access your assets or manage your financial affairs and would have to apply to the Court of Protection to access any pension or insurance payments. Alongside this, your loved ones don’t have control over your health decisions meaning local authority or health professionals make their own judgement.

Why are there two seperate LPA’s?

The main reason for these areas being seperate is because you might wish to choose different people to manage different tasks for you. Commonly most people choose the same person, but the option is left open should you wish to appoint different roles.

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